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We offer our services in the following fields :

Commercial Law

Our services in Commercial Law aim to assist businesses to establish and implement sound business strategies as well in the negotiation and drafting of Business Agreements to help in the success of the business. Our services also include Commercial Litigation and Debt Recovery.                         


Real Estate Law

In the field of Real Estate Law, we strive to meet the needs of owners of residential or commercial buildings in regards to their legal matters. They include hidden defects, contractors faulty work execution and commercial leases. Our services also include Real Estate litigation, including Real Estate Sale/Acquisition and Commercial Leases.

Civil Law

Civil Law governs the majority of relationships between people and businesses. The Civil Code of Quebec is the main source of civil law in Quebec. We offer our services in Civil Law, except for family law.

Corporate Law

Our Corporate Law services include the constitution, organization and corporate updating of your corporation and also services to shareholders, directors and officers to enable them to know and protect their rights and/or those of their Corporation against third parties (debtors, services and/or goods providers, customers, financing institutions...). Our services also include the drafting of Shareholders Agreements and Corporate and Shareholders Litigation.


The Litigation process permits to establish and implement appropriate strategies and representations on your behalf to enable you to enforce your rights or your defense in a judicial process.

Labour Law

Our services in Labour Law include the negotiation and drafting of employment contracts of managers and/or professional employees and in non-union Labour disputes.

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